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Kids Classes in Houston Martial Arts Fitness Training

Kids Classes at HardKnox

Welcome to Hard Knox Academy’s Kids Martial Arts program in Katy, Texas. 

Our martial arts program is designed to help your child build confidence, improve their fitness, and learn essential self-defense skills in a fun and safe environment.

Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping your child achieve their martial arts and personal development goals, no matter what they may be. We offer a range of classes and training programs to cater to your child’s individual needs, including:

Muay Thai

Our Kids Muay Thai program teaches your child striking techniques, footwork, and conditioning. Your child will learn how to effectively punch, kick, and elbow, and also how to defend themselves against bullies in a safe and fun environment.




Our Kids Kickboxing program focuses on striking techniques, footwork, and conditioning, and is perfect for children who want to improve their striking skills or compete in combat sports. Our experienced coaches will work with your child to develop their skills, improve their technique, and build their confidence.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Our Kids MMA program combines various martial arts disciplines, including Muay Thai, wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing, to give your child a comprehensive and well-rounded training experience. Our program is perfect for those who want to compete in combat sports, improve their self-defense skills, or just get in the best shape of their lives.

At Hard Knox Academy, we take a holistic approach to Kid’s Martial Arts training, focusing not just on physical strength, but also on mental and emotional discipline. Our coaches are dedicated to helping your child develop a strong mind-body connection, build confidence, and improve their overall well-being.


Our Kids Martial Arts program is perfect for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced athletes. We offer a safe and fun environment that encourages kids to learn and grow at their own pace, while also providing a challenging and rewarding experience.




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